Behavior Medicine

Celebrating the Bond Between You and Your Pet

Jake-Man-Behavior-Medicine.001We all want our pets to be happy. Unfortunately many pets have behavioral issues that make their and our lives difficult. General and separation anxiety are common problems in dogs, while inappropriate elimination or inter-cat aggression are more prevalent in our feline friends.  

There is never a single easy solution to unwanted behaviors, however our staff and veterinarians will help to understand your home and pet in order to develop a plan to help keep everyone happy. Whether it’s medications, or simply changing your routine at home, our behavior appointments are scheduled with plenty of time to discuss all of your options. 


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It’s a common issue that nobody likes to talk about.  You take your dog for a walk and they “do their business” as usual but instead of moving on they turn and gobble it up. Just the thought makes you sick, so why does my dog do "that"? Dogs’ consuming their own feces...

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Teach Your Dog Not to Chew

Let’s look at some techniques that will help guide you as you teach your dog not to chew. First, let’s get into the right mind set.  It is important to think about rewarding your pet for their good behavior instead of punishing them when they chew.  Just as you would...

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Stress Relief For Your Cat With Feliway

Do you have a cat that scratches the furniture, sprays, or hides under the bed for most of the day? Do you have multiple cats that hiss at each other and fight? If this sounds familiar your feline friend(s) may be feeling stressed. Things like moving, redecorating,...

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