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so many rewards available to you and your pet.

You Call the Shots!

You call the shots!

Did your pet receive a CONVENIA injection?  Click on the information to see if your pet qualifies for the reimbursement.  You could save between $10 – $30.00 for your pets injection.



Free product with purchase 

When you purchase 6 months of Revolution from us you receive 2 free doses.  When you purchase 9 months of Revolution from us you receive 3 free doses.

Hills Pet Food Coupons

Download Coupons!

Receive $3.00 off or $7.00 off coupons for Prescription Hills Diets.

Rimadyl Rewards

Signup for Rimadyl Rewards

The RIMADYL Rewards Program is uniquely designed to benefit your dog’s health while helping you provide long-term care. The rewards are submitted by a team member at our hospital. The rewards earned through the program can be used at your Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital. Contact Us with any questions or concerns regarding your RIMADYL Rewards Program.

Simparica Rebates

Simparica Rebates

When you purchase 6 months of Simparica you will receive a rebate for $15.00 or when you purchase 12 months of Simparica you will receive a rebate for $35.

Heartgard Plus Coupons

Heartgard Coupon

When you purchase 12 months of Heartgard Plus in the same size you can submit this coupon for a $12.00 rebate coupon.


Dasuquin Rebate up to $2.50

Mail-in this rebate and a copy of your receipt and receive $2.50 when you purchase a bottle of Dasuqin for your pet.

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