Tracey Knight

Celebrating the Bond Between You and Your Pet

Tracey has more than 25 years customer service experience, is an avid antique doll and toy collector, and a professional artist.  His passion for animals began as a child on his parents’ dairy goat farm and helping his mother in her veterinary business. His love of animals was the best part of farm living and something he genuinely misses.  Over the years his personal pets have included several treasured dogs, Siamese cats, goats, two Shetland ponies, “Dolly and Shadow”, who were inseparable, a hedgehog, a raccoon, and many mice, rats, and rabbits.

Today he shares his life with his spouse Ron, their Boston Terrier “Enzo” and Shih-Tzu “Baer”.  They love taking the dogs, hiking, kayaking, and to Dewey Beach.

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