The doctors and staff of Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital want to make sure your kitten receives the proper care during its lifetime. The following wellness plan outlines your kitten’s first few visits to the hospital and regular wellness visits as they mature.

Kittens are born with immature immune systems and require a series of vaccinations to help protect them from their environment.  They are also prone to intestinal parasites which can either be passed from their mother or contracted from their environment.  Fecal examinations are an important diagnostic tool that will help the doctors identify if your cat has intestinal parasites.

Please remember that all wellness plans may be altered depending on your pets’ individual needs.

6 – 8 weeks of age, physical examination with one of our veterinarians, 1st RCP vaccination, fecal examination and FeLv Test.
10 – 12 weeks of age, physical examination with one of our veterinarians, 2nd RCP vaccination, 1st FeLv vaccination (if indoor/outdoor) and fecal examination.
14 – 16 weeks of age, physical examination with one of our veterinarians, 3rd RCP vaccination, 2nd FeLv vaccination (if indoor/outdoor), 1 year Rabies and fecal examination.
At least 24 weeks of age, patient will be admitted into the hospital by one of our surgical technicians between 8 – 9am, the veterinarian will perform a pre-surgical examination, pre-surgical bloodwork will be ran prior to the procedure and a microchip will be implanted while the patient is under anesthesia if requested by the client.


1 – 8 years of age

Physical Examination Once a Year

Vaccinations Needed: RCP (3 year), Rabies (1 year) and Feline Leukemia (1 year)

Fecal Examination Performed Annually

Monthly Flea & Tick Prevention

Wellness Prevention Panel


9+ Years of Age

Physical Examination – Every 6 Months

Vaccinations Needed: RCP (3 Years), Rabies (1 Years) & Feline Leukemia (1 Year)

Fecal Examination needed yearly

Monthly Flea & Tick Prevention

Senior Blood Panel (Early detection of common senior diseases)



Thyroid Check

CBC: The sample needed is a blood sample and this will detect anemia, leukemia, infection and inflammation.

Chemistry Profile: This detects liver, kidney, pancreas, muscle and bone disorders.

Thyroid Function Test: This detects Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid.

Urinalysis: This detects kidney disease, protein loss and diabetes.

Parasite Test: This detects Hookworm, Whipworm, Roundworm, Coccidia, Giardia and Tapeworm.

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