Our Hospital at the Beginning

After 10 years of working in veterinary medicine, Mark W. Hanlon, VMD along with his wife, Diane S. D. Hanlon decided they wanted to purchase a veterinary hospital where, together, they could celebrate the bonds between owners and their pets while providing the highest standards of veterinary medicine.  In 2003, they purchased the Animal Hospital of Gilbertsville, which was just the type of hospital that fit their vision.  The Hanlon’s renamed the hospital Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital and began their quest.

Our Mission

At Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to celebrate the incredible bond between you and your pet.  In order to do that, we offer the highest standards in veterinary medical care for our patients, focusing on preventative care.  We uphold best business practices for our hospital and provide our clients with superior client service.  Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital has been providing exceptional veterinary care for the residents of Gilbertsville and surrounding communities
for more than 10 years.

Our Vision

It became clear to Dr. Hanlon and Diane that in order to realize their vision, they would have to make some upgrades to the systems that were in place at the hospital.  One of the first things they did was upgrade the computer systems to keep up with the demands in the industry and within the hospital.  Later, digital radiography, dental radiography, in house laboratory equipment and a new ultrasound machine were added to provide the best possible diagnostic equipment for patients.

Our Team

In addition to new equipment, they have focused on putting together a team of highly skilled and compassionate individuals to serve their clients.  Their team of five doctors and 18 team members who provide assistance to the doctors, keep the business of running the hospital going smoothly.  They have focused on providing continuing education and workshops to the team, so they will have the latest changes in the industry and be able to apply those new standards at the hospital.

We are blessed to witness the incredible bonds that people have with their pets. We are proud of our hospital and thankful that we can provide the highest standards in veterinary medicine to our clients. Our team has accomplished so much in the first ten years, Diane and I can hardly wait to see where the next ten years takes us.

Mark W. Hanlon, VMD

Owner / Veterinarian, Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital

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