We all love our pets and want to give them the best, especially when it comes to food. In 2017, Americans spent $30 billion dollars on pet food alone!

Much of the information that pet owners are receiving about choosing their pets food comes from TV and online commercials designed by advertising executives, not nutritionists. As a result, there have been increased sales of diets that are trendy and expensive but may not be the best for your pet’s health. One prominent example is the Grain-Free trend.

Recently, a possible association between dogs being fed “B.E.G” diets (Boutique, Exotic, Grain-free) and a form of heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy is being considered. While more research is definitely needed to determine a possible correlation, in general, these diets are not necessary nor are they recommended.

Below are links to important articles from Tufts University’s Veterinary Nutritionists and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) about grain-free diets. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that your best resource for what to feed your pet is your veterinarian!


Grain Free Cat Diets

Grain Free and Boutique Diets

Grain Free Diet

Grain Free Marketing

JAVMA Grain Free

JAVMA Grain Free Update


Are You Sure You Have an Alapaha Blue Blooded Bulldog?

Are You Sure You Have an Alapaha Blue Blooded Bulldog?

My GVH Story and the Love of Bulldogs

After many years of working and living in beautiful, sunny Southern California, my wife and I made the decision to sell our condo and move back to Pennsylvania to be close to family. I had planned on taking a year off to adjust to the east coast lifestyle and get settled. Much to my surprise, my loving wife had other plans.  

She thought she would help me by uploading my resume onto several veterinary hiring websites. I did not know she had done this and the phone starting ringing from prospective employers. As any job seeker would do, I went on several interviews but none of them really fit.  Since nothing really grabbed my attention and I had hotel points that were about to expire, we decided to spend a few days at the beach in Delaware. This is where my journey with GVH begins….  

On the drive down to the beach I got a call from Diane Hanlon, the Business Manager at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital and we agreed to meet for an interview on the following Monday. On my way to the interview I thought to myself this will only take a few minutes and  then I could get back to enjoying my time off.  I was wrong.

When I met with Diane the meeting started off like every other interview, with introductions and your standard interview questions. Then Diane asked me if I had any pets of my own. I replied “yes, a Bullmastiff and 2 cats, they made the cross country trip with me”.  Diane replied, “that’s great, I have a bulldog”. Being a Marine and a bulldog connoisseur, I said “oh yeah what kind of bulldog?” Diane responded, our “ “Mary Grace” is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog.”  I knew and worked with this breed of bulldog in California and knew how rare they were.  Before I could catch myself, I said “No you don’t, are you sure?”  Great, I just questioned the person who would decide if I would get hired or not.  Diane said “no seriously she is a blue blood bulldog” and pulled her phone out.  We swiped through many pictures of her dog then spent a while talking not about me or GVH but about our dogs, bulldogs, cats and California. The interview ended and I went on my way.

When I got home my wife asked me how did it go? All I said was Diane, who interviewed me has a Blue Blood Bulldog, isn’t that great! Again, my wife asked how did the interview go?. Again I replied, Diane has a black and white Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog and her dog is gorgeous. I was so focused on Diane’s and my excitement for our pets that the rest of the interview took a back seat. Sure, the other stuff like skill level, salary, hours, and benefits are important but I didn’t get into the veterinary field to focus on those things. I wanted to work with clients and their pets and to have the experience like I had with Diane (the excitement and love for animals) during the interview on a daily basis.

I knew then that this veterinary hospital was different, and I wanted to be a part of that. The culture was a focused on the bond humans have with their pets. It was that simple. Everything we (the staff) do at GVH, is to celebrate that bond with our clients and their pets, and to offer the best medicine we possibly can. It was that way when I started over seven years ago, and it’s that way today. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful clients and their pets over the years and look forward to meeting many more as my journey with Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital continues.

By the way I never did get to enjoy a year long vacation from working. Hey wait a minute! Looking back my wife’s master plan worked, she found me a job and then she took a year off instead!!! True story.

Todd Metrision, BS Director of Operations Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital



Holiday Hazards: Lou’s Story

Holiday Hazards: Lou’s Story


Everyone has heard all the warnings regarding holiday hazards and your pets – but like many things in life – do you really think it will happen? Until it happens to you! From toxic foods, to decorations and gifts, what seems to be a harmless holiday treasure can be harmful in many ways to your pet. Below is Lou’s story – and why I will never, ever use tinsel again.

Out of my four little feline children, Lou has always been my problem child. Being my first pet on my own right out of high school, I guess he likes to see himself as the “boss” of the crew. After beginning technician school, I had started a position as a technician assistant in the Lehigh Valley right before the holidays. Still not knowing much about the field, I was excited for the opportunity and ready to begin my career. Through school and working, I found the time to do my normal holiday decorating (because who doesn’t love the holidays?) and as the year before, Lou enjoyed his naps in the tree. He even let me capture the perfect picture with him playing with some tinsel! I had no idea the gift Lou had in store for me for the holidays.

A few weeks after starting my new position, I suddenly noticed that evening Lou was acting quite slow and lethargic. The following morning, I awoke to 7 piles of large vomit and Lou laying flat out on his side. As any pet owner would, I immediately became concerned and took him directly to work. After taking radiographs and an ultrasound, it was clear that Lou had some type of foreign body.


When asked if he could have gotten into anything, nothing really came to mind. The next step for Lou (and my wallet) was emergency exploratory surgery. After about an hour and a half in surgery, the doctor was able to come to a very thick, purple looking section of the intestines which was clearly causing the blockage. All I remember was the doctor holding up a very shiny, about 2 inch thick bunch of TINSEL! The tinsel that Lou so intelligently decided to eat had bunched together and caused a GI blockage, and if it was not for the swift action of performing the surgery, he may not be with me today. After the surgery, Lou spent about 2 days in the hospital and had a pretty rough recovery. After fluids, multiple medications, hand feedings, and lots of love (although he did not really like it), and draining Mom’s holiday cash,  Lou was finally able to come home.

Now 3 years later, every holiday season I remember to be extra cautious with what is brought into my home. Lou even enjoys eating flowers, which I no longer am able to enjoy keeping around! After all he has been through, Lou still lives a happy cat life of luxury. Just a friendly reminder to always be aware of possible hazardous ingestions – no matter the time of year!






2016 Giving

2016 Giving

Holiday Giving

Celebrating the Bond Between You and Your Pet


‘Tis the Season for Giving…

December is a time when many of us think about how we can give to others. We’ve all seen the donation advocates for Salvation Army for those less fortunate, but do you ever think of animals in that moment? There are many great organizations in our local area that are always advocating for those pets less fortunate.  This year Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital is collecting donations for the– Montgomery County SPCA

Wish List

  • Pill Pockets
  • Grain Free Dry & Canned Food – Dog & Cat
  • Kitten Food Dry & Canned
  • Rodent Bedding
  • Rodent Food – Rabbit, Hamster, Rat & Guinea Pig
  • All Purpose Cleaning Supplies
  • Bleach & Laundry Detergent
  • Triple Crown Equine Senior Feed (Perkiomenville Location)

Additional items are accepted and appreciated at all of our locations


Donations can be dropped off at our hospital throughout December until the 31st during business hours.





Celebrate Your Senior Dog

Celebrate Your Senior Dog

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