Careers in Veterinary Medicine – Part 2

Earlier we talked about careers in veterinary medicine which included career options that are available in private and corporate veterinary hospitals. This month we are going to take a look at different career options available to veterinarians - because not all veterinarians see patients. Research Veterinarians that work in research focus on finding solutions and developing [...]

A Career in the Veterinary Field (Part 1)

Veterinary medicine is an exciting and dynamic field with many career opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary field, first consider which area of veterinary medicine most interests you.  Here is a list of some of the typical areas of focus available: Private Practice Corporate Practice Teaching & Research Regulatory [...]


Rabies is a serious disease caused by a rhabdovirus. It is one of the most feared infections of all time.  Rabies was first discovered in the 16th century to be fatal by Girolamo Fracastoroand and in 1885 Louis Pasteur created the first vaccination.  Despite today’s modern vaccination programs, the virus is still a threat to [...]

Oh, the Exotic Pets We See….Birds, Bunnies, and Snakes…Oh, my!!

Exotic pets have grown in popularity over the past few years for a number of reasons.  Some people enjoy having an unusual pet while others find exotic pets to be easier to care for than a dog or cat.  Check out the following list of some of the popular exotic pets: 1.  Pocket Pets: This group includes [...]

Leptospirosis Symptoms and Prevention

What is Leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is the one of the world’s most common diseases that is transmitted from animals to people yet is relatively unknown. It is transmitted to humans by contaminated water getting into breaks in the skin, the eyes, or the mucous membranes. The water is contaminated by infected animals, primarily rats, mice and [...]

Meet Little Boy Jack

    My little boy Jack is the best pet I have ever had. Jack is a medium length fur orange barn tabby that I rescued from the Berks Co. Humane Society when he was 8 weeks old. Ever since then, I have been his mama cat. Jack loves to play fetch, snuggle, eat and [...]

Sash & Emmitt

We got both of our dogs from a shelter. Sasha came from the ARL and Emmitt came from the Montgomery county SPCA. Seems where ever our friend Tracie worked, we ended up with a dog. Not that we are complaining….we feel these dogs rescued US. Our family was going through some rough times and my [...]


Shayd was one of hundreds of "bully dog" mixed breeds found at the Berks Animal Rescue League almost 2 years ago.  I spend quite a bit of time there and was asked to examine her one day because she was ill.  She was pulled off the streets of Reading intact, heavy with milk from a [...]

Animal Shelters & Rescues

Animal Rescue League of Berks County 58 Kennel Road, Birdsboro, PAtel: 19508; (610) 373-8830     PAWSibilities Rescue 2048 Sumneytown Pike, Harleysville, PA 19438; (484) 485-7297 email:       Montgomery County SPCA   1059 Sweisford Road, Perkiomenville, PA 18074; (610) 754-7822 email:     Cat Angel Network PO BOX 3071, Stowe, [...]