The Official Mascot of Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital

Gilbert-GilbertsvilleHeight: 5’7”

Weight: More than yesterday

Born: 9/22/2014

Residence: Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital

Favorite Food: Science Diet T/D treats

Secret Wish: To make new friends every day

Gilbert joined the team at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital in the Fall of 2014. He was a little “ruff” around the edges at first, so we sent him to GVH Business Manager, Diane’s house for a week long doggy boot camp. With a little persistence and lots of treats, Gilbert graduated with honors.

Gilbert-MegAfter graduation, GVH Practice Manager, Tiffany promoted Gilbert to official mascot of Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital.  Gilbert knew this would be challenging so he cut back on the treats, exercised daily, and studied hard for his new position.

You can meet Gilbert at one of our many community events, like the annual Pottstown Pet Fair, Barctoberfest, and our annual Halloween Costume Contest. Gilbert loves to give high fives and enjoys having his picture taken with all of his friends. So if you see Gilbert don’t be shy, come on over and say “Hi!!” You never know when he will make an appearance!!

Gilbert-2Gilbert-ToddAfter getting the first year under his collar, Gilbert really enjoys helping the team at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital celebrate the bond between you and your pets.

Stay tuned for a list of Gilbert‘s future appearances……….


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