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Celebrating the Bond Between You and Your Pet

The Learning Continues for Dr. Hanlon

Over the past year, Dr. Hanlon has been enrolled in an intensive ultrasound course that took him to Sound Eklin in Arlington, Texas for four weeks.  The course was an extensive study of both abdominal and cardiac ultrasound and included many tests and even homework!  Dr. Hanlon loves to learn new things so this was a very exciting and challenging course for him.  He believes that ultrasound can be an incredible tool in diagnosing abdominal and cardiac conditions with little stress to his patients.  “Learning the latest technology and techniques helps to improve the quality of medicine that we can provide our patients”, Dr. Hanlon says.

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Adopt a Rescue Bird

Having a pet bird can be very rewarding; it also can be very demanding! Some species require much more time and dedication than others. Make sure you do thorough research on the specific species before deciding what type of pet bird might be appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Getting in touch with bird clubs, like Chester County Bird Club, and specific species breeders is a great way to get one-on-one advice to make the best choice for your new pet bird.

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Fun and Fit in the New Year!

For many years, Maya’s weight issues were discussed at her wellness exams and suggestions were made to help her lose the extra pounds. After many years of being overweight (her heaviest weight being 46 pounds), Maya’s obesity began to catch up with her.  In early April of 2014 Maya was seen for her wellness exam. She had chronic hip and joint issues that caused her to limp.  Maya’s quality of life was declining and would continue to do so if some changes weren’t made. Maya was prescribed a special metabolic diet that would make her feel full and help her lose weight.

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Celebrating the Bond Between You and Your Pet